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The Town Hall 90th Anniversary Gala

May 2, 2011

The Great Town Hall 90th Anniversary Gala

Tonight, we went to the Town Hall to attend its 90th Anniversary Gala.  It starts with a brief introduction of Town Hall's history, after a few words about the chairmen and sponsors then the show starts.

For tonight, the music setup is just a grand piano.  This is an excellent setup to showcase the singer's voice.

Show starts with Tovah, an excellent Broadway singer, powerful and energetic.

Then comes Emily, another powerful singer.  Listening to her singing is like watching a doctor performing a delicate surgery. She has such good control; her every tone is in such detail and every pitch is precise.  It is a flawless Performance.

I'm sorry to say that Jason, our next performer, is under the weather, and it shows on a few high notes on his Parade song.  However, he picked the next song Perfectly.  The Vegas song suited him well. I sincerely wish him a speedy full Recovery, and looking forward to see him perform again.

Next comes Bucky and John. I have to give Scott credit for arranging this great lineup. After a few powerful Broadway style performances, it is very nice and refreshing to have something lighter.  Bucky and John's guitar combo is just what we need. 

Their jazzy performance is like the perfect wine that compliments the main entree.  And the crowd showed their love with a standing ovation!

Now comes the bomb.  I have to say I'm biased in this case... (Recently, I got the Les Misérables 25th Anniversary concert DVD, and I have been playing it at home over and over.) So, when Norm Lewis came out as a special guest, my jaw just dropped on the floor.  And that he also sing the song "Bring him home". Personally, this has just made my night!!!

And just when you think how anyone can keep topping the scale, Scott arranged Jeffrey and Noah, who are not only talent in singing, but also tap dancing. It sure brings the entertaining value to another level when you're singing and dancing.

Liz, our next performer, is a powerful singer, but unlike Tovah who is 
Energetic, or Emily who precise and delicate, Liz's singing is smooth and sweet.  And she also showed her strength in her song "Another hundred people" who not only require good acting; it is also a tongue twister. I think she just sang for a minute or two with just one breathe.

Then Tovah, who was our first performer, comes out again and does a finale. It was perfect ending to a great night of music!

Overall, another wonderful performance written and hosted by Scott Siegel. I very much look forward to another show of his (especially when there are any unplug performances...)

Last but not least, Happy 90th Birthday, Town Hall!!!!
Best Wishes!!! And many more to come!!!

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