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SOLSTICE with Eden Wexler by Michael W. Abbott

Sunglasses are more than just a mere accessory; they are one of the most defining pieces of our wardrobe.  No one knows this better than Eden Wexler, the Director of Public Relations at SOLSTICE.  Eden's both brought out the best and also hidden the worst of some of the music and film industry's best and most colorful with her choice in frames and lenses.  Yet what may surprise you most about her when you meet her is her kind creative passion for those who nurture both timeless and game-changing personal expression with an attention to quality.  In that way, Eden is one of those rare artists like your favorite hair stylist who not only knows what's best for you to shine a light on, but also has her finger on the pulse on what look is going to find you having a hard time taking off your shades instead of rummaging for them in your glove box.

Check out more at:  www.solsticesunglasses.com

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