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HealthCorps’ 9th Annual Perennial Garden Gala 2015

HealthCorps’ 9th Annual Perennial Garden Gala By. Melissa Kalloo Style Music TV

On April 29th, 2015, the HealthCorps organization held their fabulous 9th Annual “Perennial Garden Gala” at Cipriani Wall Street. The evening was co-hosted by the founders Dr. Mehmet Oz and his lovely wife Lisa Oz with talented performers Kat DeLuna and The Sugarhill Gang. Dr. Oz honored Jordin Sparks, Montel Williams, the CK-12 Foundation, and The Chickasaw Nation for their contributions to help the movement for these youths.
The many guests who attended the gala were Daphne Oz and her husband John Jovanovic, Montel Williams, Kat DeLuna, Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Jacqueline & Chris Laurita, Melissa & Joe Gorga and Kathy & Riche Wakile, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Camille Grammer, Jennifer Williams, NY Giants Steve Weatherford and Prince Amukamara, Miss Teen USA K. Lee Graham and many more.
HealthCorps is an amazing organization that helps to promote in-school programs which targets nutritional and fitness goals and it empowers children for an overall healthier lifestyle.  I had the honor of interviewing the founder, Dr. Mehmet Oz. He told me that HealthCorps started back in 2003. Dr. Oz stated, “We started the organization because in the northern part of Manhattan, there is a lot of kids and teenagers who didn’t have the mentoring I used to have, the coaches, sports teams, band, the things that used to be available to kids.” When I asked him about HealthCorps, he replied “The key wasn’t about eating better and exercising but about mental resilience. This is the core.” He also said he is working on making the programs digital, so children around the world can have access to these free programs.
The funds raised at the beautiful “Perennial Garden Gala” will contribute to help raise awareness for these school programs on ways to fight child obesity. The décor of the gala really made you feel like you were having dinner in an exquisite garden.

Obesity is a major crisis in America that is on the rise and more and more families are being affected by it. Social and economic factors play a role on children’s obesity. It is easy to go to a fast food restaurant to buy a burger because it is cheap and easy to access than to prepare a meal. Also, with the rise of technology children would rather stay indoors and play video games or their tablets than to play an outdoor sport. Being able to educate children in-school and at home will be the movement that changes our generation and beat obesity which is HealthCorps’ mission.
It is important to invest on ways to educate and encouraging our generation be proactive, by eating healthy and exercising. Dr. Mehmet Oz, his family and the many contributors who continue to support our future are making a big difference in these children’s lives. The cure to obesity is having people who care and with the right guidance, we can make good health choices on what we choose to eat. This movement not only helps children but it also helps their families and friends. This little step will make a big difference especially in the long run.
The night started off with an uplifting and “get-you-out-of-your-seat” performance by Kat DeLuna. She performed her new single, “Bum Bum” which had the guests on their feet dancing. There was also a dance performance by Steep Stewart & the Perennial Dancers who lighted up the room with their dance number. 
As the night went on, many awards were given out to many contributors who help to make the HealthCorps movement come alive! This year’s HealthCorps Awards went to Jordan Sparks, Montel Williams, CK-12 Foundation and The Chickasaw Nation.
The special musical guest performance that ended dinner and had all the guests on the dance floor was by The Sugarhill Gang. Dr. Oz joined in with his guests on the dance floor and they danced the night away!
It was truly a magical night to celebrate an amazing movement that brings people together to help shape our future generation and make them future powerful leaders! 

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