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DeviceWear with Founder, Robert Dodge at Grammy VIP Tent by Michael W. Abbott

Ever crack your iPhone screen?  You're not alone.  One can only imagine cracking your screen on your iPad but just like the numerous choices of iPhone cases, it's getting more and more difficult to figure out the go to company for protecting your other appendages.  Thankfully we met Robert Dodge, the CEO/Founder of DeviceWear at this year's Grammy Awards VIP tent.  Not only was he a down to earth nice guy to talk to, but also a passionate entrepreneur who, like the rest of us, just wanted something better to both protect and make the most out of his iPhone and iPad.  We'd be lying if we didn't tell you that our iPad hasn't been the same since he gave us a black DeviceWear Detour 360 Rotating iPad case.  Anything that allows us to watch streaming Netflix hands free in a perfect angle while lying in bed is a total score.  Since the Detour 360 is  "smart enabled",  when we pass out after midnight on episode 9 of "House of Cards", we can also enjoy dreamland worry free by just closing the Detour 360's case to put our iPad  to sleep.. if only we were that easy.

Check out more at:  www.devicewear.com

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