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  • 17th annual Super Saturday event in the Hamptons!

    On Saturday, July 26th Kelly Ripa and Donna Karan hosted the 17th annual Super Saturday event in the Hamptons. Better known as the "World Famous Garage Sale," Super Saturday is a day of heavily discount designer shopping to benefit the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. 

    Attendees included Kelly Ripa, June Ambrose, Fern Mallis, Jonathan Cheban, Nicky Hilton and more. 

    Highlights from the event included eating the delicious food and deserts from world famous St Ambroeus restaurant, the Priv's braid bar, and of course shopping for a cause! 

    The event was broadcasted live on QVC. 

    By Angeli Style Music TV reporter

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  • Starlight Night at Citi Field

    The Starlight Children’s Foundation hosted its 12th Annual: Starlight Night at Citi Field

    Published on June 25, 2014 by Melissa Kalloo

    Yesterday marked the 12th anniversary for Starlight Night at Citi Field which was held at the Bullpen Plaza in Flushing, New York. This amazing charity brought more than 300 seriously ill children and their families together for one magical night at the NY Mets game. Last night, these children created memories that would last a lifetime.  

    What better way to watch the game between the New York Mets and the Oakland Athletics, than at the stadium itself! Thanks to the New York Mets who made this night possible by donating nearly 900 tickets in their “Big Apple” section, which put the biggest smile on these children’s faces. This was their night!

    The magical night started off with a huge barbecue in Bullpen Plaza. The delicious food was sponsored by ARAMARK. You name it they had it, from hotdogs to burgers, buffet style! The children and their families were able to grab a plate, sit and mingle together. The barbeque was filled with happy children running and playing with each other. The one thing I love most about Starlight Children’s Foundation is everyone is like one big family; they all knew each other and welcomed new comers like myself with open arms. This was the place to be!


    The children had a fun-filled night ahead of them! There were many activities for them before the game. While they got their face painted, they played with clowns and had ice cream. Mr. Met made his way greeting guests and took a beautiful group photo with the children. These little cutie pies strike many different poses for photographers. Talk about good sports!


    I had the pleasure of speaking to a friendly little girl name Cassandra who is part of the Starlight Foundation. She has been with the foundation for two years. During my little interview with her, I asked her “What does she look forward to most at this event?” Cassandra’s response was “I like meeting new people and the Mets wives are really fun and the actual game is really fun”. This event is what these children look forward to the most. They are able to interact and make new friends. The one message Cassandra wanted to share to other children who are going through similar situations is, “Don’t give up and you’ll make it through because you’re just like everyone else and you’re YOU!” I think having such amazing opportunities for these children helps them become role models for others.


    I also had the honor of speaking to Michele Hall-Duncan who is the Director of Children’s Services for Starlight Children’s foundation. She was able to tell me a little more about the foundation and who was going to be at the event tonight. Starlight Children’ foundation serves children in the tri-state area. There were 370 people that came out last night to support the foundation.  One of the programs that they have is the “Starlight Escapes Program” which hosted last night’s event. The kids had the opportunity to meet former baseball player Rusty Staub. They were able to get his autograph and take photos with them.


    The children also had the opportunity to meet some of the NY Mets wives. The wives were super friendly, they chatted with the parents while taking photos with the kids. They even signed baseballs for them. Just amongst some of the wives, NY Mets #5 David Wright’s wife Molly Wright was in the house; which made it her second year at Starlight Night at Citi Field. The NY Mets really made a lot of dreams come true last night! 


    Now let the game begin! The “Big Apple” section of the stadium was reserved for the children and their families. The seats were so great, the kids felt like they can actually touch the baseball players. As each baseball player made their way to the field, the kids were cheering for their favorite players. Now this is the way to watch a baseball game!


    On a daily basis, these children face such challenging medical journeys in their lives. This amazing event was created for them to really just be a kid, plus it makes a great story for them to share with others at school today. Starlight Children’s Foundation, the NY Mets and the many sponsors of last night’s event made it all possible!


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  • Resolution Project & Kelly Rutherford Award & Honor Malala Fund's Shiza Shahid at Young Leaders Now Dinner

    Education Advocate Honored for Launching Social Enterprise as an Undergraduate and for Making an Impact

    New York, NY: Harvard Club: May 6th, 2014:
    Yesterday evening marked an incredible moment for The Resolution Project (www.resolutionproject.org), hosting its inaugural Young Leaders Now Award Dinner at The Harvard Club of New York City.  The dinner honored Shiza Shahid, CEO and Co-Founder of The Malala Fund, who helped turn her vision for girls' education into a reality.  
    The Young Leaders Now Award Dinner brought together notable celebrities, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and business leaders, including actress, Kelly Rutherford, to raise proceeds that benefit and empower a global community of young leaders through collaborative social entrepreneurship.
    Rutherford was in awe of Shiza’s social entrepreneurship efforts towards women’s rights and her accomplishments as a women’s rights advocate at such a young age.
    She noted that, “Around the world, girls are denied a formal education because of social, economic, legal and political factors. And in being denied an education, society loses one of its greatest and most powerful resources.  As a mother, it is so important to me to have Shiza and The Malala Fund change that.”
    Upon accepting the inaugural award, Shiza was honored and cited the Resolution Project for helping to guide their young fellows with their specific initiatives in this “crazy world.”
    She was cited as saying, “In a world where it is becoming harder and harder to accomplish one’s goals of “changing the world,” they’re standing by their fellows and guiding them to do that.” 
    Shiza Shahid’s work is not only inspiring women across the world but helping the Resolution Project’s fellows to continue to meet and exceed their innovations and goals through their own philanthropic efforts.  
    The Resolution Project is committed to developing socially-responsible young leaders and empowering them to make a positive impact today.  Through close relationships with youth conferences like the Clinton Global Initiative University and the Youth Assembly at the United Nations, Resolution identifies promising young leaders from around the world, and provides them with a direct pathway to action.  Currently there are now more than 100 Resolution Fellows working in 35 countries including the United States, implementing innovative solutions to address pressing global challenges.
    Additional notable attendees from last night’s event included: Wyatt Rockefeller, Sarah Berner, Yvonne Buysman, John-Michael Chadonic, Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, Jennifer Field, Loretta Hennessey, Geroge King III, Molly Mahoney, Daniela Saltzman and Martin Smit.
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  • The Doe Fund hosted its third annual sweet: New York tasting event last night at the Bowery Hotel.

    The Doe Fund’s Third Annual Sweet was held last night in a beautiful pen house of Bowery Hotel in New York City. With A list guests, beautiful interior and laid out red carpet filled with celebrities it was a place to be. Seeing top models, Housewives of New York City and Orange is the New Black stars as I walked in I knew I would taste some amazing dishes prepared by the biggest chefs of The Big Apple.


    Regardless of big amounts of food and beverages as a big foodie I managed to try a little bit of everything. The style was: go straight to the main dishes; take a break with a glass of whine and than dive into amazing assortment of desserts. My first stop was Pescatore where I tried juicy gnocchi in Bolognese sauce to move on to Lavo’s famous meat balls, The Capitale Grille’s station and Dinosaur BBQ for some more meat to eventually get  “Burgerfied” by breakfast all day burger. Burgerfi makes delicious burgers with a very special recipe: potato bun, quail egg, boschetto al tartufo, maple glazed bacon, dry aged brisket blend, hash brown, tomato jam and garlic aioli. Do try this at home!

    So while sipping on Fox Run white wine it was time to satisfy my sweet tooth and there were so many options. Manon served macaroons, Magnolia cup cakes and their famous banana pudding, DO&CO brought in high tea appropriate tarts and chocolate covered strawberries, Fatty Cakes served very innovative cakes and there was liquid dessert served by Hernan! Recipe: coffee Patron and chocolate!


    Was I able to move after you wonder? Well hardly… good thing was that Terri was there with her immune and energy-boosting beverage Lady in Red. Overall another amazing Doe Fund’s event and all for a good cause!



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